Current Farmers
Sonia Kendrick

Position:    Director/Farm Manager

Education: BA in Agronomy
               Pursuing Masters in Sustainable Food Systems

Experience:  Farm Hand on CSA's

                     Long Time Hobby Farmer
                     Dairy and Poultry Experience 
                     Conventional Farming Experience

Serves on Linn Co Food System Council

2012 Aspiring Vegetable Farmer

​ Meet Amanda-Tampir our first beginning farmer.  She is interested in garlic farming and other vegetables for direct selling.  She is concerned about the health of her family and the health of her community.  She is eager to start farming please help us raise the funds to pay her a living wage to grow vegetables for Iowa's food banks and earn the qualifications to be able to purchase land and start farming.  We can create a local food system one farmer at a time!

Aspiring Vegetable Farmer

​Iowa desperately needs more vegetable farmers.

Have you dreamed of becoming a vegetable farmer but thought that it was just a dream?

Contact us and we will help you to pursue your passion. 

​Whomever controls your food controls you....
Our ability to feed ourselves is the foundation of our Democracy.

Beginning Landless Vegetable Farmer Obstacles 

  • Regular lending institutions do not typically lend to a beginning farmer. 
  • The FSA (Farm Service Agency) does offer beginning farmer loans and programs, but to qualify for these that will help purchase of land you need three years of documented farm management experience and records of profit made by your farm. 
  • It is nearly impossible to show profit and farm management experience if you don’t have land. 
  • Current vegetable producers in Iowa mainly look for field hands because they have neither the time or money to hire a farm manager at a living wage.  

How Feed Iowa First Will Help Grow Farmers

  • Pay the beginning farmer a living wage while they qualify for beginning farmer loans.
  • Three years of farm management experience.
  • The record of donations of fresh vegetables to food banks will serve as a record of production.  
  • We will work with the beginning farmer to evaluate thier skill set and help them access learning opportunites.
         Encourage them to develop a relationship with the FSA.

Kent Andersen Photography (c) 2009