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Iowa is an outstanding agricultural producer known for its corn, soybeans, pigs and eggs but Iowa has over 400,000 food insecure people. (USDA)

One in eight adults and one in five children go to bed hungry each night in Iowa. These are staggering statistics considering we stand upon the best agricultural soil in the world.

Iowa also imports over 85% of its food which makes the cost of food directly related to the cost of fuel. 

Global human population recently hit seven billion.  The increased competition for fuel and food will only continue to increase the price it takes to import that food.  

Farmers need to increase food production 70% by 2050 in order to feed the projected nine billion people. 

Feed Iowa First works to deal with hunger today by providing an oportunity to those who desire grow our food in the future! 

Changing our food system one farmer at a time!
 The mission of Feed Iowa First is to combat food insecurity by raising food and farmers.